Notice To Terminate Tenancy (Legal)

I, hereby give you notice that I am giving up possession of the following premises:

To be effective on the last day of:

Reason For Leaving:

Tenant Feedback:

Tenant Signature:

Forwarding Address:

This is where we will send your security deposit refund.

Notice of Intent to Enter Residential Premises:

As was stated in the Tenancy Agreement between you and North American Leaseholds, we will be entering your premises in order to show it to prospective tenants between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday-Friday once notice to terminate has been received. 24 hours notice will be given prior to entry.

Declaration of Consent

I consent to the disclosure of my personal rental information to any future landlord who inquires with North Americal Leaseholds for the purpose of processing a rental application.